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Smart Village Scotland provides a technology platform for building Scotland’s rural digital communities.

Smart Village Scotland is a concept originated locally in Scotland, and also aligned to and intended to implement EU best practices developed by the European Network for Rural Development, where they define Smart Villages to be a component part of an overall strategy for Smart and Competitive Rural Areas.

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Smart Villages enable implementation of a number of key policies identified for rural Scotland:

  • Unlocking the £2.5 billion digital potential of Scotland’s rural communities – Scotland’s Rural College reports that £2.5 billion in economic growth could be unlocked if rural communities take a number of key digital enablement actions. Smart Villages provide the tools to directly implement them.
  • A New Blueprint for Scotland’s Rural Economy – The National Council of Rural Advisors published a report for parliament advising on an overall economic framework for rural development. Smart Villages offers a vehicle for actioning these recommendations.

Community Portal

For each local community we provision their own dedicated Smart Village web site portal, a site that acts as a social community, vendor directory and tourism marketing portal, with features such as:

  • Social community – Membership profiles, forums, blogs and chat.
  • Town Directory, for listing local businesses like hotels and restaurants, local Healthcare service providers.
  • Tourism Guides – Marketing pages for showcasing local tourism attractions and booking options.
  • E-Commerce Marketplace – Enable micro-businesses to offer online booking and product sales and shipping.

Read the full specifications and strategy in our ebook – Smart Villages : Digital Infrastructure for Scotland’s Rural Economy.

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